Lookook: Talbot Runhof Resort 2018


Talbot Runhof Resort 2018 lookbook: Photographed by Sven Bänziger at Skyloftstudio. With model Katharina Holler posing for collection.

Talbot Runhof Resort 2018

We were feeling blue this resort collection. Blue in the sense of clear, clean, crisp cotton. Bright blue bavarian skies, cool blue water, cool blue jeans …

Denim seems to be the new lace, so the idea of denim seemed to be the perfect tool to achieve this new, more casual way of being dressy. Our denim comes in a variety of fabrications, from stretch linen denim to zebra printed denim to tulle printed with a denim structure to metallic lamé looking like denim to fil coupé with a denim structure.

The silhouette is mostly generous making use of volume while at the same time showing off the figure.

Our gown of transparent tulle printed with a jeans optic and embellished with ripped jeans flowers, oversized sequins and blue diamond rhinestones. 

Wide flouncy skirts worn with a jeans blouse of crisp stretch denim linen. 

A wrap stretch blouse worn with a transparent floor length lace skirt, embroidered with thousands of frayed denim flowers. 

A navy velvet jeans jacket with a denim shirt and a culotte of cotton jacquard with denim philodendron leaves. 

A maxi-length, o-shaped sun dress of zebra printed denim with oversized floral embroidery.

The photos were shot underneath those blue bavarian skies by Sven Bänzinger. The clothes were worn by the incredible Katharina Holler.  –by Johnny Talbot & Adrian Runhof.

Discover the full looks from Talbot Runhof Resort 2018 collection below.

Photos courtesy of Talbot Runhof.


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