TAG Heuer: Carrera Skipper HODINKEE Limited Edition

Photo courtesy of TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer is thrilled to announce the limited edition release of the Heuer Carrera Skipper, co-designed and sold with HODINKEE, the preeminent online resource for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts.

This limited edition watch, sold exclusively online through the HODINKEE Shop, pays tribute to the Heuer Carrera Skipper reference 7754, one of the rarest vintage pieces with fewer than 20 watches known to exist today.

The iconic Heuer Carrera Skipper has been selected by HODINKEE and co-designed by HODINKEE and TAG Heuer to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emil Mosbacher’s victory at America’s Cup.

The original Heuer Carrera Skipper reference 7754 was commissioned in 1967 by Jack Heuer to celebrate Mosbacher’s triumph skippering The Intrepid. Moscbacher’s decision to use The Intrepid was risky as it was an uncommon racing model due to its unusual design: the famous yacht designer Olin Stephens separated the rudder from the keel to improve steering. Mosbacher’s daring choice was successful and he defeated his challenger Dame Pattie 4-0.


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