Today of Watches: NEW Raymond Weil Musician Specials


Jura Watches is excited to announce the release of several new watches from Raymond Weil!

These stunning new timepieces pay tribute to enormous influences in the world of music. Adorn your wrist with a brand new watch, remembering famous names including Buddy Holly, David Bowie, The Beatles, and if that wasn’t enough, check out the Gibson Les Paul inspired watch.

All of the watches are available to pre-order now – but hurry, be sure not to miss out as these are all limited editions!

Raymond Weil Watch Maestro Beatles Limited Edition S

RRP £975.00, Buy Now £731.26

Raymond Weil Watch Freelancer Bowie Limited Edition Pre-Order

Buy Now: £1,395.00

Limited Time Deals :5 Stunning Charms

Discover charms as unique as you are. Treat yourself or a friend to keepsake jewellery that represents you, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just showing your love.

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Raymond Weil Watch Freelancer Gibson Les Paul Limited Edition Pre-Order

Buy Now: £2,695.00

Raymond Weil Watch Maestro Buddy Holly Limited Edition Pre-Order

Buy Now: £995.00

“To Jack” A film directed by Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey, actor, race car driver, TAG Heuer Ambassador, presented Jack Heuer, Honorary Chairman of the Swiss watch brand, with a unique and wonderful gift today at BaselWorld.

With “To Jack”, Patrick created that rare thing, a “visual poem” to Jack Heuer. Though he also plays a role in the short film, this is also the first time Patrick stepped behind the camera to direct this very special cinematic project.

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