Did you just start shopping for your Honeymoon that’s in the coming months? Or is there a special night that you have been planning with your loved one? Wearing good lingerie is an important part of the night and you invest in buying something which both you and your partner would love.

There are accessories which can spice up your lingerie and would also increase the oomph factor. These accessories can also be used by women for their own self because they want to feel good about their body!

  1. Suspenders

Suspenders or suspender belts or garter belts is a belt with four attached clips that not only hold your stockings up but also define your waist. Apart from fulfilling this purpose, they will also oomph your confidence and make you look like you own the night!


  1. Fishnet Stockings


These are hosiery stockings with an open diamond shaped pattern. There can be variations in the pattern and some add ons like glitter and embezzlement too. Stockings make your legs look longer and increase the hotness level of your lingerie. These can be used later on for your everyday outfits like with skirts and shorts too. Fishnets are a great investment!


  1. Corsets


Corsets are worn around the waist and give the impression of a smaller waist. You can find various options in them like under bust, over bust, satin, mesh, bandaged and leather. Corsets available in the market for you especially for the nights you want to indulge in role play. They provide support to your breasts and make you look slimmer. Corsets are also amazing to be worn over the outfit so you can use them again. Great way to make your outfit look spicier!


  1. Heels and Boots


You can also look hot in your lingerie while you have high heels or thigh high boots on. It will definitely spice up your outfit! Men can’t resist women in heels. Wearing them will obviously make you look taller but also make you feel confident. You can re- use them in your everyday life. Boots and heels will increase your hotness appeal in the bedroom, ready to take on things.

  1. Nipple Pasties

Also called Petals, Nipple Pasties hide the appearance and shape of nipple giving your breasts a smooth lining under your clothes. They are stick ons and can either be washable to be reused or can be of one time use. They are widely available in interesting variety like tassles or with glitter or with add ons like shapes of hats, hearts, flowers, butterfly etc. They look hot and cute at the same time!

It’s fun to try different things and experiment around. Decide what you want to wear personally and what you are yourself comfortable in. We assure you that if you decide to dress up with these accessories, you will definitely look sexier in your new lingerie. It will surely heat up the temperature and get the night going.

Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Caught by the fashion bug, she also writes for https://www.truecorset.com/blog/and shares them with the world. A traveller by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.