Summer is here and whether you’ve found the perfect swimsuit that’ll last you through the season, or swept the dust off a timeless piece you already own – there’s probably one thing you haven’t considered that much and that’s a perfect cover-up. Apart from providing any beach goer with instant modesty when you’re out of the water, the right cover-up can really elevate your summer look.

Don’t worry though, not all swimsuit cover-ups require you to spend loads of cash. If you open your closet, you might be surprised to see that some of your clothes could fill the void. Here are five of the best cover-ups that can add a little extra personality to your beach outfits.



This might surprise you, but plenty of women out there strut up and down beaches using a kimono as a cover-up. Kimonos are naturally lightweight and thin – plus, they don’t have buttons you need to fuss over. A classic kimono’s chic cut and color can easily carry you through the seasons – it also matches with almost any type of swimwear. You can even add a wide-brimmed hat for an all-day sophisticated look.


Jumpsuits have come a long way since they were first invented to create an anti-rich type of clothing to go against the noble trends. Now, almost everybody owns at least one. If dresses aren’t your thing, this 70s grid mesh jumpsuit by Akasa is the definition of cool. Jumpsuits also come in softer silhouettes, brighter colors, and quirky designs. It’s all a matter of preference.

Button-Down Shirt

Nothing says summer like fashionable clothes tossed over bright colored bikinis. These button-down shirts on Woman Within come in various designs and colors for you to mix and match. Lighter colored button-downs – like white, pink, and baby blue – are generally cleaner and crisper to look at. They also look quite daring when unbuttoned.

Denim Shorts

With the weather about to get hot, denim might be the last thing you’re considering wearing. Good thing you can get denim shorts, and if you throw on a shirt and a pair of sandals (or even flip flops), you can go far from the beach without looking half-dressed. Twist a simple sarong over it to make you look exotic and you’ll turning heads in no time.

Palazzo Pants

Another fun cover-up option is a pair of light palazzo pants. Summer is all about these loose, opaque cover-ups, especially when you want to look confident and comfortable walking down the shore while showing as little skin as possible. There are lots of palazzos available, like these striped leg pants on Rachel Roy that are easy, breezy, and versatile enough to look good on any body type.

No look is complete without the right set of accessories though, and that includes wearing the right pair of footwear, earrings, or even a stylish watch to go with your look. Fashion blogger Harold Camaya says accessories are extensions of your personality and “often speaks quite a lot about you [in addition] your clothes.” Whichever swimsuit you decide to wear, certain accessories are going to make your look infinitely better. So choose wisely, and discern which accessories can complement the look you’re planning to go with.

By Maya Duncan.