The lighting style of any home is one of the defining features that can add a lot to the aesthetically pleasing look of the house and create a substantial difference in the perception of space as well as in a person’s mood. A mere alteration in the brightness of lights, color choice or arrangement decision has a drastic impact on the desired ambiance.

If you are planning to add some personality and character to your living space, redefining your home is the best choice. With a bit of research and professional help, you can easily make certain features of your home pop out and can augment the functionality of space.

After deciding your lighting targets, functional usage and the moods you wish to project, all you need is to get started! So, here are a couple of unique lighting ideas that will make a huge difference in your style of living.

  • Make your home exterior more pleasing

Light up your home entrance to create a great first impression! You can use wall lights to make varied patterns and effects that are suitable with the entrance side wall. These lights ought to shine downwards and lighting up the exterior rough walls. The color choice of bulbs can range from white, yellowish-golden for a warm look, to pink or purple, red for a dazzling bright party look. Colored lights on the trees and in the garden, or lights installed at the bottom corners of the walls can really bring out the brilliant architecture of your place.


  • Lighting your garage the right way

Most of us ignore the importance of proper and efficient lighting in the garage or storage areas. The garage door light is very essential not just from the perspective of outer appearances but also to avoid any unfortunate stumbling. Install monitor sensor lights either on the garage door or on the base for both aesthetics and functionality. Ensure to incorporate the best of designs and materials in the making of your garage doors for a better presentation as well as for longer sustainability. You can also experiment with different garage door materials such as steel or glass, to get the desired look. You must also opt for garage door service whenever required for a refined appearance.


  • Lighting to Bring Out the Warmth of Your Living Room

While the color theme of the walls in your living room can add affability, lighting plays a crucial part in defining the functionality of space very efficiently. Brighter lights in areas that need more focus or have higher usability is a pretty common concept. The idea of using many sources of light aids in increasing the variety of usage of the living room. Eye-catching close-to-ceiling fixtures and recessed lights for a high ceiling are some brilliant yet simple ways for a striking appearance. Always choose to light the darker corners.

  • Your Chandelier Guide

A suitable chandelier or a pair of beautiful pendant lights hanging over the furniture to highlight certain areas of the room (Living room or dining rooms) can complement the corner floor lamps that are of high wattage with lights focused towards the floor. For the final touch (specifically in living rooms of bigger size), add a couple of dim wall sconces on the plain walls creatively, or add LED corner ceiling lights.

  • Ideas for a very elegant dining room

A chandelier or light fixtures hung around the seating area can add a lot of character to the overall appeal of the dining room. While on the one hand, dim lighting always creates a very cozy impact, on the other hand, one cannot ignore the multi-purpose of either the dining room or the living room. Use bright lights for the dining sessions, but dim lighting that reduces glare and creates a soothing atmosphere is also inevitable. Your color preferences can have a wide range but make sure to keep it simple for a more elegant outcome. In a modern set-up, recessed lighting and monorail light fixtures can definitely redefine your dining space. Also, given the variety of chandeliers available, make sure to consider the size of your space and the ambiance. Taking from small, simple bubble chandeliers to flashy, ornate crystal ones, your choice ought to suit the atmosphere you are trying to create.

  • Add grace by using mirrors

Mirrors, be it in the living rooms or restrooms and changing rooms help not just to add beauty and grace but also to make the place appear to be bigger. You can incorporate mirrors on walls, above the fireplace, on wardrobe doors, parallel to the house entrance and in many other spaces for an extremely luxurious and grand look. One of the most attractive usages of the mirrors is in the changing rooms or washrooms. Backlit mirrors of distinct creative shapes and sizes are a step towards a pleasant and relaxing appeal. Start your day in a soothing atmosphere by switching to a backlit mirror. These are very flattering to the eyes.

  • A guide to kitchen lightings

A very trendy way to light up your kitchen is by using pendant lights of the same height hanging from the ceiling. You can also add ceiling lights over the sink for functionality as well as for appealing look. Tiny chandeliers emitting dim lights can contribute to the elegance in your cooking space. Another pretty cool lighting system can include ‘under the cabinet’ lights. You can also enhance this feature by using bright LED/ Neon lights to give a forward/ vibrant appeal.

These are some ways to ensure a quick renovation of your living space and to witness a huge difference in your lifestyle. Remember, do not be hesitant about experimenting with different colors and light patterns. Lights, just like the color of the walls, can enhance the entire persona of your home and can reflect the warmth and calmness of your heart.


Author Bio:

Ross Geller is a working Designer and a passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. She has been working with Elite Garage Which provide garage door repair service for sometime now.Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.