7 ways to build Up Your Work Wardrobe With These Classic Pieces

Barbra Streisand grace look: Wearing Escada trenchcoat + Preston &Olivia hat +Falke tights+ Jimmy Choo boots.

Workwear has become an integral part of wardrobe these days. As work hours continue to grow, so does your wardrobe for the same. But as your work gets more demanding with each passing day it is hard to find time to select the perfect outfit each day. With millions of options to choose from, the last thing you would want is to choose what to wear when you’re already running late for that important meeting.

But you can save yourself all the trouble if you just follow these sure-shot tips. This tips will save you from all the morning hassles and get you the perfect tailored look you want to see yourself in when you check out the mirror. Here’s is the must-haves list of all classic pieces that should be in your closet.

Because those skirts are forever

Yes! We know you love skirts but wondering if it could fit in your work wardrobe? Oh, it’s definitely a yes! A black pencil skirt accentuates the body of any woman and makes her look like a boss lady instantly. Let it be any age group that you might belong to, this is an absolute must in your closet. Pair it with a shirt or simple work worthy blouse and you are ready to take on the world. Add pointed closed-toe footwear to complete the look.

Pants, an absolute must

Ensure to get at least one pair of tailored trousers as you set on to build your exclusive work wardrobe. If you are the one who isn’t comfortable wearing a skirt to the office this is your rescue look which is as good as the previous one. And also if the occasion demands you to wear a trouser suit, you know you’ll be ready for it in a jiffy without wondering what to do.

The Slaying Blazer look

Adding a crisp stylish blazer to your work ensemble will quickly get you brownie points for having the most desirable work look. Be sure to invest in a well-tailored blazer, preferably in blacks, navy blue or simply grey and beige if you want to go for the lighter tones. Not only does it completes the entire look but also gives you a boost of confidence while you deal with those finicky clients.

A classic button-up shirt to do wonders

Be it any look, without a button up t-shirt in white or lighter toned pastel colours, the charm remains incomplete. However basic it may sound but it is the most important type of shirt/blouse that’s needed to achieve that perfect look. Worry not, there are a plethora of options available to choose from.

Dazzle with that LBD

No one is ever underdressed or overdressed in a little black dress, said Coco Chanel. And she is said it so right. Casual black dresses are the best bet for those after office parties. Accessorise it with an elegant pair of golden earrings and a bracelet and you have that perfect chic look.

A Trenchcoat for the winter look

If you happen to live in a colder region or where winters visit you at least for a few months every year, you need to have a regular trench coat to accompany your entire ensemble. Pick up anyone from those nude shades of beige and browns which will definitely suit your rest of the attire. Besides, saving you from the chills of the winter wind it will add points to your style.

Accessorize it just right

No look is complete without the right set of accessories. Footwear being the most important as it holds the capacity to completely make or break the whole look at once. Hence, put your best foot forward as you walk to the office in your closed toes short-heeled pumps. You can have the liberty to choose the colour of your footwear to match with your attire but an ever recommended black or nude pumps would suit just fine. Remember, low heels is key to master the look.

Next biggest and the most noticeable accessory is the bag that holds all your dear stuff. The suggestion would be to invest in a high-quality bag that goes with most of your work wardrobe. No blingy and loud colours allowed here, mind you!

As you wear those gold earrings with delicate design don’t forget to get a classic watch for yourself. A watch is often the most noticeable accessory on any person’s body.

Your accessories are often considered to be an extension to your personality and often speaks quite a lot about you, after your clothes. Hence, choose wisely, very wisely!

So as the Monday blues hit you in the morning and you start your never-ending wait for the weekend again, don’t forget that you deserve to look good even while you wait for the good things ( read the weekend) to come. While you take off those heart leggings after the sweaty workout at the gym, remember you have a fabulous wardrobe full of awesomeness to choose from. And of course not to forget, don’t forget to smile.

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