The Unexpected

“I want to turn towards the light, face fate, explore my curiosity, open myself up, shatter preconceived ideas, exorcize fear from the world.
Perhaps I have a choice? I’ve decided that I do!”
-Raymond Depardon, Errance, Éditions du Seuil, 2000-

“The Unexpected”, by its very name, is a tribute to that which we don’t expect, an invitation to open oneself up to fate, to lose control and to allow the unexpected to occur.

Described by Walter Benjamin as Like the wanderer, from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, it wanders the streets of Paris without any particular destination or aim in mind, open to all the challenges and influences it encounters. Or like Dorothea Tanning’s doors which lead to other doors: an eternity that invites you to “look beyond” into a space where the everyday and the extraordinary converge.

The designer assembles this collection around the idea of the unexpected.

The materials are derived from common places: the classic Japanese crepe joins the stroll, as do geometric voilettes which float along, almost unseen. There is chiffon with little sparkles of light along the border, cotton netting where a small flower grows at each intersection and flower gardens which come into full view when we least expect it.

White is overtaken by unexpected colours: The white slowly opens itself up to the unknown and, almost without realising, colour begins to sneak in, first in the form of little glints of golden light, which gradually give way to the first timid and translucent dusty pink. The mystery is subtly revealed and midnight blue, lavender and even yellow, along the detailed, hand-crafted borders, take control of the collection with a palette which is unexpected in the world of weddings.

Sweet patterns hide powerful volumes of material: Flowing crepe silhouettes contrast with opulent, voluminous sleeves, successfully creating a pairing of delicacy and strength; the finishing touch. Material which flows gently to the feet makes it surprising to discover striking shoulders and structured, voluminous, floating sleeves made from semi-transparent tulle, which are delicate yet bold.