Great Bridesmaids Trends for the Coming Year

Photo courtesy of BHLDN

This year has been an exciting one for bridal professional. 2017 took on some dramatic trends that promise to stick around for a while. Bridal gowns went from the sleek and form fitting gown to the newest very sheer gown that is sure to make the wedding officiate blush.

There are some equally exciting trends leading the way in the area of bridesmaid appeal. The latest bridesmaid trends are a welcome change to bridesmaids that have closets full of dresses from years gone by that are just unusable. Today’s bridesmaid is well dressed and the gowns they are wearing are suitable for any formal occasion. Let us share some of these great wedding fashions with you.


The winter of 2018 will see more of the classic elegant colors. Bridesmaids will be wearing black, very deep grays, navy, metal blues, and deep greens. Some of the bolder brides will be opting for beautiful deep red or burgundy.

For the bride who craves the elegant look but is unable to embrace the black or navy dresses that are featured, champagne, beige, and ivory are a popular choice.

As winter gives way to spring, the trend will turn to the lighter colors. Very light pastels are the colors of the season. The palest lavender, very soft pink, and blue that is just a whisper of color are what to look for. The brides who want bright colors will see coral and sunny yellow. You can choose a modern wedding gown about the choices here.

Whether you go very dark or very light, the shock of color will be expected. Black gowns adorned with belts of pure white or a bright color that complements the flower selections or soft lavender with a bow or sash of royal. There must be a shock of color.

Some brides are using the shoes of the bridesmaids to get their color shock. Red shoes with black gowns or bright pink or teal with blues and pastels of pink look bold and beautiful without taking away from the integrity of the gowns.


As the bridal gowns are more daring, the bridesmaid’s gowns are more reserved in design. You will see fewer strapless gowns and fewer scooping backs.  Cap sleeves or the one shoulder dress is a hot trend for the year. Winter weddings are taking advantage of the long sleeves for the bridal party members.

Brides are opting for capes. Tulle and lace or even fur- trimmed is popular. They are using the same design for the shawls or wrap-around for the bridesmaids.

The separates designs are also popular for spring of 2018. The same hue in a different style of the bridesmaid’s choice works as does having three different styles for a bridal party of six. (Two bridesmaids for each style).

Flowers and hair

Both the bride and her maids will be wearing (either) oversized flower halos to match the oversized bouquets they will carry or they will wear nothing at all in their hair. Brides are going toward the trail that is attached to the back of their hair, leaving the top and front of the hair natural.

Bridal bouquets are fully bloomed roses and large blossoms with a lot of greenery. The bridesmaids are carrying small versions of the same. The flowers are so bold and beautiful and the design is all natural without ribbons or bows, that they are placing the bouquets on the tables in the reception to enjoy after the ceremony.

As stated, 2017 was an exciting year for brides. The new year promises to embrace the trends and take them to the next level.


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