Hakaan Yıldırım Haute Couture 2018


Hakan Yıldırım, who has taken part only in foreign fashion weeks for a long time, now shows his new collection in the magical atmosphere of Bosphorus, Istanbul. The invitation video, starting with Sezen Aksu’s “Dört Günlük Bir Şey (Something which lasts for 4 days)” song gives us a single clue about the fashion show: We will go through the clusters of purple flowers and go on a journey in Hakan’s mind. Just like the brand’s sewing workshop and the showroom knitted in clusters of purple flowers in Nişantaşı…

Thousands of flowers for the collection were prepared manually in this workshop. While the fabric feathers of the feather boas are fluttering, the star and heart details along the edges further strengthen the romanticism of this secret garden. The frills that enlarge the volumes of the clothes seem like bringing the garden with a new unique plant cover. The glittering crystals and beads dazzle your eyes and you can hear the sound of the fabric.

The collection pieces, indeed, resemble a legendary scene. It reminds spectators the garden Gilgamesh stepped into in his dreams, filled with jewels after he shed tears over his friend Enkidu and left for seeking immortality: “A carnelian tree was in fruit, hung with bunches of grapes, lovely to look on.”

The collection Hakan Yıldırım describes as “the state of the world I want to see as a designer” makes one forget the long hours of work to create it, and gives you the impression that everything has its own natural balance. “All of the pieces are the eternal states and forms of the silhouettes that I love to create, and all the memories I have been inspired from the first day until now”

The designer thanks in his own language to the land that raised him, to the people and to what they made him feel through this fashion show which he holds in Turkey after so many years.

Photos courtest of Hakaan Yıldırım/2018 Getty Images.