The designer’s passion for beauty and harmony have led her to draw inspiration for her 2020 collection from cathedral architecture, specifically the brilliance and solemnity of the artistic creations that are stained glass windows.

Trend cycles throughout the history of fashion have shown us that styles come and go. Haute couture, however, always endures despite the trends, as the need to create exquisite, delicate and elegant designs returns in every era.

With this idea in mind, the designer pays homage to classic dressmaking, hand-making the fabrics, layers and patterns. She uses these to depict her spirit of being an “Atelier for the world”, a designer who creates styles for different women, both the contemporary bride who wants to show who she is, therefore ordering a personalised dress, and the fresh, easygoing bride who seeks fluidity and spontaneity.

Natural fabrics are used in this collection, a common theme in the collections of Inmaculada García. She uses floral patterns, appliqués created in the same fabrics as the dresses and, as a novelty, she introduces taffeta in the bridal gowns, overlapping it for a 3D effect. Materials such as chantilly, plumetis tulle, flocked tulle, organza, gazar, paillettes, lace and feathers are used to create different levels of volume, encrusted with hand-made gemstones.

The designer is reclaiming the word “honour” in her designs, using special features such as sweetheart necklines, corsets, boned bodies, small gloves, sleeves, vertical lines and plunging necklines in the front and back; ample attention is always paid to the back of the dresses.

In this collection, the designer highlights the movements in the skirts, which are made voluminous from the inside of the dresses, without using too many transparent elements. She presents a mermaid dress with an overskirt and dresses which come in three different positions, comprised of pleats, taffeta and draping bodies.

Her two most remarkable lines are still the Romantic, the essence of the firm, with harmonious and balanced dresses, and the Gold, in which the designer presents a highly creative version of the firm’s commitment and excellence.

As for the colour palette, she proposes a two-toned bride for the first time in her collections, using champagne tones in combination with clear textures and dusty pink.