BRAVA! Free / Lliure

Brava is a homage to women and bravery; it is a resounding applause, a cry of encouragement. Brava means taking life by the reins and riding to the edge of your limits. Being prepared to jump over obstacles, to fall and get back up again a thousand times. Brava is the freedom to gallop defiantly with your hair in the wind. It means enduring the cutting wind and also surrounding yourself with a light breeze. Putting up with downpours and then drying off in the relaxing sun…with the endless feeling that the horizon is yours. It means taking charge of the journey’s destination, sometimes with a steady hand, other times shaking, but always holding onto the reins.

The 2020 collection from Isabel Zapardiez is inspired by the world of the horse. Nobility is at the heart of this inspiration, providing the silhouette, and respect for the animal in its environment, completely free. There is also the primitive connection with humans who lived in early times.

With regards to aesthetics, the pieces traditionally unite the equestrian world with clothing from the time of horseback riding, adapting and integrating the designs with a breath of fresh air. This is where the bolero comes in, combined with asymmetric skirts, trousers and dresses.

Silhouettes are formed from bold shoulders and tight waists, widening towards the sleeves, causing a curved effect. The volumes of skirts and dresses are varied and changing. Sometimes, they start from the chest, like a deep sigh, losing the contours of the dress. To achieve the architectural shapes, the clothing is structured from the inside with a technique which reinforces the seams.

This collection truly showcases the great splendour of fabric variety, integrating a wide range of materials. From light natural silks and heavier fabrics, to technical fabrics which look like wool or hair. There is an abundance of embroidery and jewels.

The design continues by going deeper into new embroidery techniques. It is innovative it its designs which cross the borders of what is expected – in textures of tulle and satin – to successfully create a new type of unprecedented fabric. Fringes and patterns bring movement to the fabrics.

The colour palette focuses on the natural tones of horses, such as whites, beige, browns and chocolates.

For novelty, the bridal look is completed by haute couture gloves with hand-sewn embroidery, flat boots which combine elegance and practicality and modern riding bags.