A journey to Paris, a photo by Brassaï, a revealing walk by the Museum of Orsay. Contemplate the biggest collection of impressionist paintings in the world and feel the misfortune of Stendhal. Be swept off your feet. Through femininity: life, intimacy, beauty.Through light: white images, gleaming sunlight. Stolen moments, like photos.Through details: Gestures and looks. Conversations, company, complicity.Through scenery: at the theatre, in the park, in the bedroom. In gardens.And after all of this, a flower becomes instilled in memory: the lily.

From the lily, a white thread emerges, which Merche Segarra weaves to create the brides of 2020. A flower in the shape of a cup, one of the impressionists’ favourite, is the inspiration for the firm’s new collection.

Its organic profile, the impulsive undulations in its shapes. The mysterious introspection of its beauty. The elegance in its lines. Its delicate, yet firm, texture. Its unruly sobriety. It is all an expression of femininity. Subtle. Sometimes voluminous, other times slender. Always light. The beauty of the lily influences Jesús Peiró’s bridal collection and brings luminous whiteness to its pieces.