La Martina for Snowpolo St. Moritz – 2018 Edition

ST MORITZ, SWITZERLAND - JANUARY 27: Raya Sidorenko, Zhanna Bandurko, Hissam al Hyder, Robert Strom and Gerardo Mazzini of team Maserati pose near a Maserati Levante during Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2018 on January 27, 2018 in St Moritz, Switzerland. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Maserati)

The ‘Maserati Polo Team’ with Zhanna Bandurko/Raya Sidorenko (Handicap +0), Gerardo Mazzini  (Handicap +6), Hissam al Hyder (Handicap +6) and Robert Strom (Handicap +4) played in St. Moritz for the first time and received thrilling support and cheers from the audience throughout their performance.