Loredana Roccasalva Fall Winter 2017-18: risVOLTI

BarbieLaura wearing coat from Loredana Roccasalva SS17

Loredana Roccasalva FW 2017-18 collection is called “risVOLTI” and it arises from a deep inspiration originated by Simone Aprile’s photo feature intitled Nzuliddu. It is focused on man and his roots, and in particular life of a sicilian elder couple.

The details proposed by the artist Simone Aprile dig through the folds and the rifts leaved by life on faces and on hands of the protagonists.

Loredana Roccasalva collection is born exactly from these hands, tenacious and strong, which according to tradition raises to the sky to harvest olives from sicilian trees. This gesture expresses a way to thank Mother Earth for this “green gold” precious wealth.

Pieghe e risVOLTI are the central topics, developed into the collection, where elements narrated by Simone Aprile are converted in textile manufacturing.

The collection proposes original pieces with an immediate impact, mixed with basic clothes to create an unique and refined contrast but in the meantime within everyone’s reach. Each item has an actual risVOLTO, a turn-up when it is weared. It changes continously meaning.It acquires and donates personality and originality even to an old item forgotten in the wardrobe for too long time.

Shapes are mainly similiar to A, and reduced volumes embrace body through a series of folds and rouches. Each fold is functional to the story and it recalls the human original identity, connected to nature, to earth and their rhythms.

Fabric are combined in an articulated research game of anequilibrium point: masculine wool is mixed to feminine and light organza and wool muslin “tile-printed”.

The collection distinctive feature is represented by ancient tile design recollected in sicilian noble buildings, extrapolated from historical archives and reproposed as prints on fabrics.

The embroidery works narrate traditional work in fields and they re-invoke olives contained in farmer’s hands. They are represented as little spheres, green and turquoise toned, on a shading green leaves carpet, to tell about the stylist land.

To complete the chromatic scene, we find out a palette rich of tones of greys illustrating olive trees trunks, translated particularly in masculine flannels.

Shapes of green turn to turquoise and they recall sky tones in sunny afternoons of the harvest period.

Orange-colored lightning are mixed to the warm bordeaux of wine on comb wool and rough tartan.

Skirt remains the main protagonist of Loredana Roccasalva collection. It is proposed in the classical shape with folds and even in a lightly flared and more skinny “wrap” model.

Slacks of average lenght with A shape are combined with closerfittind tops and blouses, clokes, destructured coats and jewels bib aprons which are reconfirmed as musts have of Loredana Roccasalva collection, together with the unavoidable collars with handmade embroidery and rouches.