Since our launch in December 2015, it’s safe to say that is one of Europe’s most hyped and fastest growing fashion start-ups. 18 months later, we’re already celebrating 1 million followers on Instagram, and now have an average growth of 2500 followers per day.

About NA-KD is a women’s fashion e-commerce brand founded by Jarno Vanhatapio, selling our own brands and brands such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s and Ray-Ban. What stands out about NA-KD is that we’re incredibly trend sensitive and original in the fast fashion

The success story

A lot of NA-KD’s success is due to the way we work with social media and influencers. Without our influencers that we keep very close to heart, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’re so proud to have launched collections together with many social influencers including Farina Opoku, Vanessa Moe, Zorannah Jovanovic, Kristin Sundberg, Hanna Friberg, Therese Lindgren and Josefin Ekström just to name a few. Through our account we want to inspire our followers with fashion and lifestyle content and deliver content with shoppable looks straight from our feed. By using the hashtag #nakdfashion, anyone could have the chance to be featured in our feed to inspire our followers with their style.

”Instagram is our most important channel today, where we engage with millions of people and deliver great content everyday, thanks to the influencers we work closely with”, says Linnea Larsson, Social Media Manager at

The future of NA-KD

Our goal is to become a leading e-commerce fashion brand in the world. Soon we’re launching a German site and we’ll work hard to have an even stronger presence in social media.

”Today Snapchat is our fastest growing channel. We will also start working a lot more with Youtube”, says Jarno Vanhatapio.

Handpicked closets by influencers on
For the countdown and celebration of 1 million followers on Instagram, some of NA-KD’s favourite Influencers have created their own NA-KD closets that are available on, consisting of their favourite pieces from NA-KD. This allows their followers and NA-KD’s followers to connect with them on a whole new level and to get inspired by their favourite style icons and shop their looks.

Links to closets of influencers:
Farina Opoku / @novalanalove
Janni Delér / @jannid
Matilda Djerf / @matildadjerf
Milena Karl / @milenalesecret
Natalie Roser / @natalie_roser
Taraneh Shayesteh / @taraneh
Xenia Overdose / @xeniaoverdose

Instagram Takeover by influencers
In addition to the influencer closets, influencers @milenalesecret, @matildadjerf, @taraneh and @hannalicious helped us with the countdown and celebration by taking over our Instagram stories for one day each, showing our followers around during their day and
showing, wearing and talking about some of their favourite pieces from NA-KD.