Natural or not? Lebanese makeup artist challenges beauty fans with his new eyelash range


False eyelashes are not new products for beauty fans. In fact, they have quickly moved from being something that was used only on special occasions, to becoming the finishing touch to many people’s every day looks. While many synthetic eyelashes on the market can often appear thick, stiff, and obviously fake, the new range of 3D Fiber eyelashes from renowned Lebanese make-up artist, Christian Abouhaidar is set to transform the beauty industry. As the range is released, Christian is so confident in his new breed of natural looking lashes that he challenges editors, bloggers and other artists within the industry to share their opinion on the appearance of his hand-crafted collection.


Famed across the Middle East for his trademark facial creations, Christian has quickly become an expert in crafting flawless, dewy and fresh beauty looks on his clients and models. The sought after make-up artist is skilled in the art of using beauty products to enhance existing features, using his expertise in the area to inspire his range of eyelashes. While many people lust after long, luscious lashes, they want to do so in a subtle way. Christian is sure that his collection of eyelashes is capable of this, and dares beauty fans to put his range to the test.

Christian Abouhaidar said, “While make-up trends are heading more and more towards flawless styles, using nude and natural tones as opposed to vibrant shades, we are continuing to use the eyes as a focal point for each look. False eyelashes have quickly become a must-have accessory for any beauty addict.”

His unique collection is handcrafted from imitation mink tail hair, selected for its fine and delicate feel. After being joined together, dyed to the desirable shade and left to dry in the wind, each specially cut strand of the soft hair is arranged with care into the unique 3D Fiber lash shape.

Christian continued, “I have designed five different styles of eyelashes to include in my range, each selected to enhance and highlight the existing shape of the eye. A truly stunning beauty look has an air of subtle sophistication – I ask any professional in the beauty industry to try out my new eyelashes to see how they can create this look perfectly, unlike others on the market. ”

Christian Abouhaidar offers up to 40% discount on his range of false eyelashes with his unique ‘pro members club’ concept, reserved only for discerning beauty industry professionals. View the full range of luxury eyelashes and join the members club at


Christian Abouhaidar rose quickly to become a highly sought after make-up artist in Lebanon, before progressing to the whole Middle East region. Hailing from Beirut, Abouhaidar transferred his boyhood passion for painting to becoming one of the most creative men in make-up. His style gained popularity through his work with Middle East publications, including Elle Orientale and L’Officiel Middle East. Nowadays, his work with Lebanese stars, such as singer Elissa, combined with his impressive bridal back catalogue, have helped him to achieve recognition as one of the top make-up artists in the Middle East.