Paula Cademartori’s new collection reflects the artisanal opulence of Made in Italy in a unique mix of decorations and inspirations that run from boho to gypsy to cowgirl style.

The MONOCOLORE selection unveils fresh and feminine hues such as Memphis orange and bubble gum. The LADY LACE theme is distinguished by laser workings paired with lace effect inlays. Leather meets denim in the asymmetrical patchwork of contrasting geometries of the BOHO models. Calfskin and thread-embroidered straw form imaginative patterns in the GIPSY mood.

Stud appliqués and multicolor inlays pop out from the LOVE selection in calfskin, lizard and suede, while the Twiggy, Arianna e Twi Twi bags boast the new strap design embellished with a heart-shaped buckle in resin with turquoise and mélange black effects.

The OPULENCE clutches reveal sparkling embroideries of flower petals or geometric patterns on three different models detailed with rhinestone-studded jewel buckles. Instead, the shapes from the GLOSSY line are emphasized by tricolor Plexiglas barrette applications, geometric motifs engraved on sheer surfaces and exclusive materials that evoke turquoise stones.

The mixing, colors and details of the bags also distinguish the shoe collection, expanded with a new series of shapes including wedges, mules and various heel heights from the 70mm to the chunky 50mm and 90mm.

Luxurious decorations of petals and pearls, signature signs of Paula Cademartori’s aesthetic, alternate with luminous crystals, turquoise-finished studs and painted heart-shaped microbuckles.

The selection is fashioned from stitched calfskin, combinations with denim and kidskin, multicolor suede and straw surfaces enriched with details in leather and thread-embroidered raffia.

The evening and red-carpet style brings out metallic laminates with pearl appliqués, gold iridescence embellished with maxirhinestones and opulent flower designs highlighted by transparent or colored crystals on delicate satin.

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